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Good4You Plant Makeup

Good4You is an independent beauty brand that uses local flowers + herbs to create makeup, skin care + bath products for a new era of natural beauty.



Today I am extremely excited to share details with you about my wonderful experience with the Good4You Plant Makeup products I received for review. But first, I am going to provide you with a few details about this brand, so you can truly understand what makes it not only unique, but also completely amazing inside and out.

Let me start by sharing that all  Good4their products are handmade by the lovely and talented Jes, which is also the artist responsible for the absolutely beautiful art printed on the product labels and caps (see photo above). Jes states that she has a high respect and love for nature and that is the reason she only uses high quality ingredients that either locally grown or certified organic. Through this brand, Jen is able to use a combination of her knowledge and passion in order to help people and the planet as much as she can. To learn more about more about the Good4You Story, click here.

The Amazing Bundle I Received!!!

When I first opened the package that contained the Plant Makeup products that I was eagerly waiting for, I was truly impressed at how beautiful each product was. Each individual product was either was wrapped with up-cycled, recycled or compostable material that had the ingredients and details of the product printed on it. Some of the products were decorated with printed flowers designed by Jes herself and other had pieces of herbs and flowers decorating the actual product. The packaging was absolutely beautiful and quickly made wonder about why major corporations feel the need to use un-recycable and non-eco friendly packaging on their products to make them look “appealing”. Plant Makeup’s packaging is truly the best and most creative packaging I have ever seen plus, their products are 100% natural and most of them are even vegan

The Plant Makeup bundle I received from Jes was completely amazing and included lovely products that consisted of a hair care, skincare and makeup mix. I thoroughly enjoyed using the products for approximately a month before writing this review in order to share my most honest opinion of the products I used with you. Each product name will be connected to a link that guides you directly to it on the Good4You shop in case you want to learn more about the product and its benefits.

I received the following products:

  • Spring Dreams Argan Oil Balm : The Spring Dreams Argan Oil Balm worked wonderfully on my dry skin and really appreciated that it carried a very light floral scent. I was very excited to use this product because I have always had a great experience with products that contain Argan Oil and regularly use them on my hair and my skin. I also used this balm on my lips a few times, since I regularly have an issue with dry, chapped lips and loved the way it left them feeling moisturized. It actually worked better than the lip balms I regularly use. This balm was used only as needed, sometimes in the morning, other times at night and the results were great because it really helped diminish the dry skin around my lips, nose and eyebrow area, plus it worked very well as a lip moisturizer. This product comes in a clear glass jar, which allowed me to rub my fingertips on it in order to apply the balm directly to my selected skin areas. For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the link with the product name.
  • Fountain Of Youth Balm : The Fountain Of Youth Balm was also a great skincare product and it helped combat some of the dry patches that regularly appear on certain areas of my face. The scent of this particular balm is more on the herbal side, so I preferred to use it during my nighttime routine more than during the day (personal option). I really liked that this balm comes packaged in a push up eco-lube tube, which makes it so much easier to apply by just rolling it around the area you would like it to go on. For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the with the product name.  
  • Wild Flower Hair Serum + Perfume Oil : The Wild Flower Hair Serum + Perfume Oil comes package in a beautiful glass bottle topped with a glass dropper and is infused with beautiful seeds and petals, which add lovely touch to the product. I loved using this oil on my hair because the scent it left lingering on my hair was so soft and sensual plus, it added a beautiful shine to my curly locks. I also rubbed a few drops of the oil on my hair after I finished straightening it out to add a little bit of shine and I believe it also help diminish some of the frizz I had. For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the with the product name.



  • Beach Rose Floral Toner + Body Mist : The Beach Rose Floral Toner + Body Mist comes packaged in a small glass spritzer and can be used as a simple face toner, a refreshing body mist or even a room spray! This mist smells just like a bouquet of freshly cut roses and the scent that lingers is truly uplifting. I loved spraying myself head to toe with this beauty and received many compliments when I did. The mist also works wonderfully as a face toner and always left my face looking bright and feeling refreshed. This product is a definite must for rose lovers! For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the with the product name.
  • Dark Rose Cheek + Lip Paint : This colored balm is an all natural moisturizing plant based cheek + lip paint balm, which is the perfect item to create a bold dramatic look! It comes packaged in a push up eco-lube tube that allowed it to roll on easily on my cheeks and on my lips. When applied on my cheek bone, I just rubbed it in a little with my finger and it gave my face a very light blushed look. The balm left a beautiful rose look on my lips while providing a moisturizing effect. For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the with the product name.
  • Herbal Spray-In Conditioner : The Herbal Spray-In Conditioner comes packed in a glass spritzer bottle and can be used any time of the day in order to moisturize your hair but, for best results it is advised to be used on wet hair. Since my hair is so thick and curly and I received a small bottle of it, I sprayed it on a section of my already wet hair. I checked on it after it dried and the section felt a little softer and more moisturized than the rest of my hair. But, unfortunately I can’t provide you with a more detailed review on this item. For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the with the product name.
Apricot Rose Honey Mask & the Beach Rose Floral Toner + Body Mist
  • Apricot Rose Honey Mask : The Apricot Rose Honey mask left my skin feeling smooth, clean and refreshed…everything I look for in a good mask. I really liked how easy it was to use this mask and that even though it was also an exfoliating mask, it didn’t feel rough or scratchy on my skin. This mask arrived packaged in a glass container and had beautiful petals sprinkled on top of it. One of the main ingredients of this product is apricot kernel meal, which is used to provide the natural exfoliating effect. For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the with the product name.
  • Hibiscus Blush Powder : The Hibiscus Blush Powder is a great alternative for those of us looking for natural makeup. It is made from arrowroot, french pink clay and the hibiscus flower in order to provide a beautiful blush effect. The color that I got from the product was very light and natural which is how I like it anyways, but for those looking for a darker or more dramatic effect, I would advise to go for one of the darker colored blushes or you might just need to use more of this one. For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the with the product name.
  • Pink Rose Eye Shadow : The Pink Rose Eye Shadow is a very pretty eye shadow and when applied it looks almost white with a hint of light pink. The eye shadow is very easy to apply and stays on for a long time. I have used both my fingertip and a small eye shadow brush to apply it and it has stayed on for most of the day. I would advise to massage well onto your eyelid in order for it to last a longer period of time.  For more details on the item and its full ingredient list click on the with the product name.

In conclusion, all the products I received were lovely and I enjoyed using them. I am still new to the green lifestyle, but I do need to make you aware that when you use plant based products, you should expect for the colors to run differently than those that you see in the regular market. When I first took a look at the Good4You Plant Makeup blush and eye shadows that I received, I was very surprised to see how much lighter the color was when I applied it to my skin and that is to be expected because there aren’t any chemicals used to make these products. But, they are still very beautiful, it’s just that the color range changes a bit. I was very happy and excited to use these products and it made me feel good to know that I was not covering my face with a bunch of toxic chemicals, it is a long and slow process to fully go green but with brands like Good4You plant Makeup, the transition is becoming so much easier and I am looking forward to its conclusion.



Jes was sweet enough to provided me with a discount code to share with you lovely readers! i hope you decide to use it and give it a try! The Good4You shop sells makeup, skincare, hair care and more! Feel free to use the discount code: PLANTMAKEUPLOVE in order to receive 15% off your purchase.

Have you tried any plant based makeup brands? If so, what has been your experience?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, comment and follow the blog to stay updated of any new posts!!!


*I received these products free of charge for the purpose of my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and based on my actual experiences with the product.





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